Friday, 26 July 2013


I try to go to see all the productions at Tod Hippodrome. Each one is excellent, I have never ever been disappointed . The musicals especially. are wonderful !

Well,.................. as those of you who have travelled/ are travelling, the ALS route will know... at first you can manage toilets. The next step is that , when out, you need to use a disabled toilet with those bars that come down... then you need to use one of those plastic seats that raise you up.

Well. if I went out with a friend, then,  she would help me up, so that was OK. But very often I went out by myself.. especially to the Hipp.
So ...., on a number of occasions I had to ask total strangers to help me off the toilet when at the Hipp. They were happy to help, but it was difficult for me on two accounts.. 1. There were no side bars and 2.And the helpers were unknown to me !

I spoke about this to a committee member and the side bars were put up, but sadly this was too late for me , as by now I was in a wheelchair and couldn't manage to get in the door.

BUT having highlighted this the Hipp have spent £29 K on developing a proper disabled toilet area. OK I cant use it but others will be able to.
In September the Disabled toilet area is to be offically opened.
There are to be two people cutting the ribbon,on the open day... Craig Whittaker our local MP and......................     ME !!!

Wow , how proud I  am ! I have never opened anything before and I am proud that having brought the need for appropriate toilets to the attention of the Hipp, they have responded... so lots of people will be able to visit the theatre in the knowledge that they are able to use a loo which will be appropriate, should they have needs.


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  1. That's great Nikki! I'm sorry this wasn't in place for you. You took action when others didn't and it will be a great help to many people.