Thursday, 8 August 2013


Today I should have gone to Hx Hospital to see a Bowel consultant , (any detail would be too much information !). The appointment was to be at 2:00. Ambulance turns up.... and we find that not sufficient straps are on-board ! Great apologies , but the fact is I missed my appointment. I will have to get psyched up again !! Rats!!

NIV Update: Night one went well. YEA!!! Nights two and three went well with NIV but sleep utterly wrecked by pains in my legs  . The consequences of this were twofold: acute disappointment and extreme exhaustion. In fact after ambulance debacle I slept for 3 hrs in wheelchair.

WHEELCHAIR Update. I mentioned accident in new wheelchair , it happened last Friday. I expected an engineer on Tuesday but got a phone call to say man was on hols.... I cant wait for next week and his return ! I now realise how comfy the new chair is and how useful the riser.

EXHIBITION I went to Chris Nicol's exhibition last Friday. It was great. Lots of sensitive paintings and lots of friends to meet up with. BUT Boy , did I miss my Luca chair. I am so low down in this one and the riser on the Luca would have been wonderful to chat to people.

LEFT HAND  My left hand, weak for ages . now is causing me trouble with typing and indeed holding wine !!  Both disastrous.

So a little round up on what has been happening in my life..........


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